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  • Looking Back to Look Forward

    Hello! I’m Justine Burdette – the second generation owner of Blue Star Sports Apparel.

    Whether you are a long time customer or just browsing and landed on our blog – welcome!

    When my dad started Blue Star over 40 years all he wanted to do was sell quality, affordable sports apparel and provide unmatched customer service. He was an athlete and a coach himself and knew the many demands of the role.

    I was blessed with parents who encouraged me to pursue my own dreams … and for 20 years I did just that. My career spans numerous industries and I picked up a variety of skills along the way. But what was missing for me is what I saw my parents get to do every day – be in control of their destiny by being entrepreneurs.

    So in 2023, I picked up the phone and uttered the words my parents thought they would never hear, “I want to run Blue Star.”

    As we move into our second generation of ownership, you can expect the same quality, affordable sports apparel and unmatched customer service we have always provided. 

    What to Expect From This Blog:

    Yup, you absolutely will find the following on this blog: 

    • Product Showcases/New Items Showcases
    • Athlete/Coach Testimonials
    • Sneak Peaks of Uniform Design Process and New Customization Tools Rollouts
    • Coach Interviews
    • Sports Industry Insights
    • School and Team Spotlights
    • Before and After Transformations
    • Behind-the-Scenes Tours
    • Interactive Polls and Challenges

    Additionally, you can follow my honest and open journey as a small business owner. Never did I believe that being an entrepreneur was something I aspired to – and I grew up in a family business! It is my firm belief that sports shape our young people and we have a responsibility to show them all the potential forms their dreams can take. 

    Where We Are Currently:

    Blue Star Sports Apparel provides sportswears for K-12 schools and organizations. We are marked by our quick turnarounds, top-quality materials, and exceptional customer service.

    At Blue Star Sports Apparel, we believe that every athlete, every school, and every customer deserves to feel like they belong. Our personalized approach ensures that you get the high-quality materials and innovative design that will elevate performance. We’re confident in the quality we deliver, and our quick turnarounds ensure you’re always game-ready. 

    Committed to Quality

    Blue Star Sports Apparel is deeply committed to delivering top-quality sportswear, ensuring athletes,  schools, and organizations experience the very best in performance, comfort, and durability. They  ensure that every product is crafted using top-notch materials and designed to accommodate  diverse body types and sizes to create a united team on and off the field.

    Customer Centric

    Blue Star Sports Apparel’s unwavering customer-centric approach is the heart of their business.  With over 40 years of knowledge and a heritage deeply rooted in the business, they take the  time to truly understand their customers’ needs. Their white-glove concierge service allows them  to curate tailored selections, sparing coaches, schools, and organizations from mindless scrolling  through hundreds of products. They will do the work for their customers to give them the time and  peace of mind they deserve.  


    Blue Star Sports Apparel is renowned for its unwavering reliability, ensuring quick turnarounds and  consistent delivery of top-quality apparel, making them a trusted partner for athletes, schools, and  organizations. They are committed to delivering on promises, meeting deadlines, and providing  consistent service to build trust and create a sense of belonging with their customers.


    Blue Star Sports Apparel is distinguished by its personable and relational approach through their  attentive and caring customer service. They take the time to understand each customer’s unique  needs, fostering genuine connections and building lasting relationships. Whether it’s assisting  with customized uniform choices or providing support throughout the ordering process, Blue Star  ensures that every interaction is friendly, supportive, and leaves a lasting positive impression.


    Blue Star Sports Apparel remains affordable without compromising on quality. Their commitment to  using top-quality materials ensures that athletes receive durable and high-performance gear, which  withstands the rigors of sports activities, providing exceptional value for money. Blue Star’s ability  to balance affordability and quality is a testament to their dedication to delivering accessible and  dependable sportswear, without breaking the budget.


    Blue Star Sports Apparel demonstrates inclusivity through their core values and practices. By  celebrating the uniqueness of every individual, athlete, and school, they offer personalized gear  for every body type and size and promote a sense of belonging. Through their inclusive product  range and attentive customer interactions, Blue Star ensures that everyone feels welcome and  represented in the world of sports apparel.

    Let’s chat! First, if you made it to the bottom of this page – thanks for reading. It means the world to me that you would invest your time in getting to know me and Blue Star. 
    Second, if you haven’t already, please follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram) and bookmark our website. I only have the capacity to blog 1-2 times per month, but more frequent updates come out through our other channels. We would love to stay connected!

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